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Smart Superannuation Advice

Enjoy total control of your finances through self-managed superfunds (SMSFs), which allow you manage your own superannuation funds and investments.

The most important function of SMSF’s which most people do not appreciate is the fact that it can harness the POWER OF BORROWING. Retail superfunds CANNOT allow you this luxury.

You decide where to invest your money and at any time. This covers commercial and residential property, works of art, managed funds, shares, term deposits and many other investment types.

To get the most out of your superannuation fund, rely on help from some of the most skilled SMSF specialist accountants in Sydney. We service areas in Ryde, Willoughby, Artarmon, North Sydney, St Leonards and across the city, and currently manage large numbers of SMSF’s (with and without borrowings).

 The benefits of your own Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) include but are not limited to:

  • Commercial property owned by members of an SMSF can now be transferred to the fund without incurring Stamp Duty as of July 1, 2010
  • Net earnings of your fund in pension phase are NOT taxable for Pension Balances up to $1.6 million.
  • Assets held are protected from potential lawsuits and creditors
  • Maximum tax payable on employer contributions and earnings in a SMSF is 15% (limits apply)
  • Super funds from up to a further three members can be combined to maximise investment ability and reduce costs
  • SMSFs can now borrow to buy residential, commercial properties and Instalment Warrants; if the fund sells these assets when it is in pension phase-these will be free of any capital gains tax under current law. This cannot be achieved via any other type of superfund.
  • Commercial property you may currently own can be transferred to your fund without paying Stamp Duty
  • Once retired, the SMSF is placed in “pension phase”, all its earnings (income and capital) are tax free (Pension Accounts of up to $1.6 million)
  • Salary sacrifice into superannuation funds provides a significant tax advantage

At our Ryde office—located near chatwoods, lane cove and dramamine —our SMSF specialist team can assist you to:

  • Establish your own Self-Managed Superfund
  • Set up Bare Trust Deeds for loans to purchase property
  • Set-up a corporate trustee
  • Create Trust Deeds and Amendments to Trust Deeds
  • Complete Member Contribution Statements
  • Undertake complete annual administration of the fund
  • Arrange annual audits
  • Convert your SMSF into Pension Phase and maintain Pensions
  • Prepare comprehensive Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns

The best SMSF specialists in Sydney

For advice on securing your future with super or taxation advice, speak to the experts. Our firm has helped many people across Sydney to organise their finances and protect themselves, their families and their businesses against future hardships.

Call our Ryde office on (02) 9411 1134, or send an email to and one of our staff will be in contact as soon as possible.